Zleeplezz Knightz Mix

I have a DJ night comming up at gus' in Halifax with some guests later this month. I'll post the line up and the poster right soon. In the mean time here is a mix to whet your appetite.

right click and save as to download.

Plastic Bertrand - Tout Petit la Planete /
Public Enemy - Bring the Noize /
Holy Ghost - On Board /
ELO - Last Train to London /
Walker Brothers - Nite Flights /
Roxy Music - Love is the Drug /
Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away /
Lifelike - Soul of my Love /
Human League - Don't You Want Me /
Drake - Money to Blow /
The Clash - Rock the Casbah /
Justice + Simian - We Are Your Friends /


Roadrunner Roadrunner.

Recorded April 20th 2010 in my bedroom on Fernlane in Halifax while Alex Saul provided the loan of a ukelele and sang/arranged the backup vocs.


covers of nights songs.

Sleepless nights by not sleepless nights. click on the links for some myspace action.

allyson got robbed - cigarettes



This is a record i made 4 years or so ago about my dad and grandfather dying. I was reminded of it by the handsome Mr. Brad Casey of the Hamilton Trading Co. Sleepless Nights just did a tour with them and a few dates with the Diaboleros through the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec. Here's the downers.


radio silence on the radio

Here's a version of radio silence i did with just a guitar on the rock station in Fredericton sometime last year.


Songs By Bands Toni Likes

As performed by me.

Merry Christmas everyone. Did you get anything interesting?


DubSpot: Creating a dubstep bass sound / wobble in Ableton Live 8

Here Is the Vid I was talking about in the previous post.

Reverse Polarity

Here's another demo of a track thats going to be on the upcoming nights full length. I made the bass part by following instructions posted on A-trak's blog on how to make a wobbly bass sound in the simpler instrument of Ableton Live.


You'll find love.

Here's the demo i recorded sometime ago. The drums and keys are from that wood paneled Casio that Matt used to play in Sleepless Nights. I got that from Tim Deon when we used to live at dirt mansion. It still has the Value Village sticker on it.



- New EP is done. It's called the Phone Booth Outside the Video Store.
-We're doing another cover EP. Not totally sure what will be on it but it will include Young Turks.
-The Nights are going on tour in Feb/Jan and recording another LP on the way.
-Sorry for the lack of updates. Got a ton of new tracks I will be posting soon.


Remix Radio Silence!

Do it, I dare you. Here are the individual tracks. You can e-mail me the results at cheval93@gmail.com.